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Committed to Constructive Solutions: Family Mediation

As one of a very few clinical therapists with a law degree in the Greater Seattle Area, I am a unique resource for clients. Bringing both experience and compassion to my practices as licensed mental health counselor and licensed attorney, I help couples and families to explore the possibilities of new beginnings, through mediation and limited representation.

Child Focused Mediation

I work with parents to manage disagreements over child access scheduling decisions, assisting them in developing a more collaborative approach to meeting the needs of their children in separate households. I also help adult children to mediate and plan for the needs of their aging parents, reducing conflict between parents and siblings while preserving the parents' dignity.

Guardian Ad Litem/Parent Evaluator

I serve as a parent evaluator and guardian ad litem, when families need an expert's opinion on the best interests of the child to create child-focused parenting plans, child support agreements and residential schedules.

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