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Divorcing Parents Guide to Emotional and Financial Survival

Divorcing Parents are thrust into a major transition that impacts the very foundation stones of their lives: their family continuity, financial security, and psychological well being. This workshop will provide practical advice on how to get on with your life. It will begin with a discussion about the legal process, the psychological stages, and combustible combination of the two. The workshop will then address the needs of your children during and after the process. How to talk to your children, what must be said, and what should not. What makes visitation work, how child support is calculated, who represents the children in the process, and how to foster lasting relationships in both parents’ households? The participants will be given a practical guide to prepare for the economic consequences of the divorce, beginning with an explanation of the legal standards pertaining to property division, and maintenance (alimony). Advice and techniques for securing a monetary safety net, protecting pension interests and creating retirement resources will be discussed. Last, but not least, the workshop will cover future matters of the heart, when you are ready to try again should you have a premarital agreement.

Participants will also receive a written handbook on Divorce and Helping your children through the process.

My Parents are Getting Divorced: A workshop for children

This workshop focuses upon helping children adjust to the changes in their lives, and cope with parents who are sad, worried, or angry. This workshop for answers questions and concerns they have, teaches them strategies for managing two separate households, parental relationships with others, coping mechanisms for understanding and working with different rules, and values in two separate households. It encourages them to express their feelings, whiling maintaining their composure and power. The work shop is activities based with the focus on improving coping skills and enhancing self-esteem. Age appropriate work shops are held.

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