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Mediation Focusing On Common Ground Within Your Family

Family mediation is a problem-solving process that gives individuals & family members the opportunity to reach an amicable legal settlement.

Settling disputes through mediation provides a means for adult siblings to resolve problems pertaining to the care of aging parents and settle estate differences in a way that preserves their relationships. By reducing the adversarial nature of the process, mediation facilitates communication and promotes understanding in an atmosphere of cooperation.

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) can work for any dispute related to divorce and family law — over child access, parental relocation, parental alienation, contested modifications, guardianships, custody and visitation disputes, probate problems, and in ways that focus on common ground and avoid costly, lengthy litigation.

A Balanced, Less Stressful, Less Expensive Approach To Resolving Family Issues

My versatile services for the Greater Seattle area are not limited to finding solutions for young couples with small children, or middle-aged couples with adult children. I also counsel families in Washington with elderly parents or relatives, many of whom are frequently torn as to how to best support and honor the person they love as he or she grows incapacitated.

As a family therapist and attorney, and founder of Eastside Mediation & Arbitration, I can assist families in developing a workable plan for providing care for a loved one. The best plans do not put the burden on a single family member. They use family, community and government resources to assure consistent quality of care, while involving the elder or disabled family member in the process, when possible.

Putting You In Control

Divorce battles can have a devastating effect on the lives of the entire family — the separating parents, the children caught in the middle of these disputes, as well as a family's financial resources. If you are interested in an alternative process that reduces the needless expense of litigation and minimizes the emotional distress on your family — one that gives you control over your own destiny, rather than surrendering it to strangers in a courtroom — then you and your spouse should consider working with a mediator who is also a skilled family lawyer.

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