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What Does A Parent Coordinator Do?

A parent coordinator works with high-conflict families in Washington, assisting them in resolving their disputes out of court to reduce excess litigation. Parent coordination reduces the level of conflict, which jeopardizes the emotional and financial well-being of their children. When seeking assistance from a parent coordinator, it is important to ensure that he or she has the skill and experience necessary to helping you achieve your goals.

I am attorney Darcia C. Tudor, founder of Eastside Mediation & Arbitration in Kirkland. In addition to my legal education, I have a background in psychology. I combine my knowledge of these disciplines to help my clients reach effective, long-lasting solutions to issues that involve their families.

Who Is A Qualified Parent Coordinator?

It can be difficult to determine whether a person is a qualified parent coordinator. You need someone who can help guide you through this oftentimes difficult process and who can identify some of the underlying issues that lead to family conflict.

I believe that I am a qualified parent coordinator because I am a certified family mediator and a licensed mental health provider, with experience in family systems, developmental psychology, child adjustment, alienation, domestic abuse and substance abuse. As a lawyer, I also understand the legal aspects and impact of divorce, legal separation, parentage, and post divorce issues.

Contact A Lawyer And Mediator Who Understands Family Dynamics

If you need assistance from a parent coordinator or are looking to resolve family issues without going through litigation, I am here to help. Call me at 206-547-3166 or send an email to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.

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