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Darcia could not have been more knowledgable and professional. Her background as an attorney and with her Masters degree in counseling really helped. Her knowledge of the law was beneficial when that was needed, and when the negotiations between my husband and I were strained, or slightly contentious, she handled things perfectly. I was not fully aware of what I was entitled to after 25 years of marriage, and Darcia led us through the financial part of divorce in a way that both parties understood, backed up by facts and WA State law. I am very thankful that it was Darcia that handled our mediation, we saved a lot of money by not paying 2 separate lawyers, and I feel a fair settlement was reached with both of our interests represented. I would definitely recommend her.

- M. Clarke

Darcia is a wonderful and caring professional. She truly helped our family navigate through such a difficult time in our life. She dealt with our unfortunate situation with compassion and logic. I owe the current peace and happiness of my family to her generous heart, and hardworking nature. I would recommend Darcia to anyone going through a hard time, and looking for help. Our family has made it to the other side now with her help, and I hope other families in our situation are lucky enough to find the same relief.

- D. Stewart

Intelligent, insightful and efficient. Ms. Tudor helped us negotiate a potential minefield and secure a successful outcome for all parties. Highly recommend her services.

- L. Lippi

In an extremely stressful and emotional situation such as mediation Darcia is amazing at helping you see the best outcome for each obstacle. I love how she advocated for my child and showed me what he would need to have the most fulling life. It wasn't what I wanted to start off with but I can definitely see how it works for both parents. I wanted to give her a big hug when it was over!

- A. Beggs

Darcia is knowledgeable, humane and helped us put our son 1st. I believe this will make a positive impact on the most important person in my life, our son.
She had very engaging model and warmth in her approach.

- J. Shields

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