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Marriage Isn’t Over Until It’s Over

As a Mediator there are times clients come in for their first appointment and it is obvious that they aren’t sure they want their marriage to end. They have unresolved issues, but their ambivalence is obvious.  In those situations, I have found that discernment therapy can be quite helpful.  This therapeutic approach is not marital Read More

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The Collaborative Divorce

The Collaborative Divorce is premised upon the belief that a divorcing couple can collaborate and determine what is fair with the help of a professional team. The focus of the team is minimizing conflict to facilitate compassionate discussions that lead to responsible financial and parenting decisions, and, minimize the effects of divorce on children. So, Read More

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Divorce/Separation: How Do I Tell My Kids?

Telling your children Mom and Dad are separating is like telling them there is no Santa. It’s the truth, but it isn’t easy for young children to understand. The child feels the loss of family cohesion, but do they have the language to express their fears.  Parents need to assure them that separate households won’t Read More

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Retirement: Social Security is an essential piece of the puzzle

Your social security benefits can provide income for your spouse. At the same time, you keep working or increase the support of an ex-spouse in a divorce. For example, a Homemaker with minimal social security in his name can benefit from his wife’s social security earnings. Or a divorcing spouse could share in her former Read More

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What can you do if a parent fails to pay court ordered child support or a spouse fails to pay spousal support?

As a mediator I often encourage my clients to include a process for resolving disagreements about what is owed in a less expensive, less combative and more efficient way. All to offen a parent or unpaid spouse spends more in attorney fees to collect what is owed in court. In my opinion mediation or arbitration Read More

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Name Change

Your name is a key part of your identity. Yet, circumstances may cause you to want or need to change your name. Changing your name is not as hard as you may think! People divorcing or legally separating can change their names as part of the proceeding. It may surprise you, but anyone can change Read More

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What is Divorce Mediation? Is it right for me and my spouse?

Why choose mediation? People who mediate want a simpler, less expensive, private alternative to ending their relationship. They want a fair resolution of their differences and are willing to work together towards compromise. Individuals who choose mediation realize that legal fees diminish the financial resources available to share and creates unnecessary animosity which affects their ability Read More

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I Have to Move, But Can They?

Need to relocate but you don’t know if your kids can come? Well, it’s back to court for parents with equal residential time… A new high court ruling is good news for ex’s committed to raising children together post-divorce because it makes it more challenging for parents with equal residential time and decision making to Read More

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Who Wants to Spend the Weekend with a Hostile Teen: Divorce and Adolescences Present Unique Challenges?

Teenagers forced to spend time with parents amid a separation tends to be especially awkward for adolescents. They are more likely to resent the disruption of their personal life to accommodate parent’s schedules. When they are practicing leaving the nest, their parents begin demanding scheduled “nesting” time. Teens may rage about these enforced schedules as” Read More

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Who wants to pay the penalty on your retirement award after divorce? Beware of hidden taxes on retirement!

Getting divorced is a significant financial transaction that can have serious tax implications, especially if you have retirement accounts. When funds are taken out of a spouse’s account to be transferred to the other spouse, the money must be placed in that spouse’s retirement account to avoid immediate taxation. If this is not completed within Read More

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