• Mary Clarke
    "Darcia could not have been more knowledgable and professional. Her background as an attorney and with her Masters degree in counseling really helped. Her knowledge of the law was beneficial when that was needed, and when the negotiations between my husband and I were strained, or slightly contentious, she handled things perfectly. I was not fully aware of what I was entitled to after 25 years of marriage, and Darcia led us through the financial part of divorce in a way that both parties understood, backed up by facts and WA State law. I am very thankful that it was Darcia that handled our mediation, we saved a lot of money by not paying 2 separate lawyers, and I feel a fair settlement was reached with both of our interests represented. I would definitely recommend her."
  • Nicholas Piscitelli
    "Darcia did a great job for us. We were highly motivated to resolve our differences without using lawyers and Darcia did a nice job keeping us focused. When tensions would rise Darcia used effective one on one caucusing to understand each sides views, then pull us back together to move on. She was not only deeply knowledgeable of divorce law, she was also quick to research areas she was sure about, such as proper QDRO procedures for our 401k. Darcia was very easy to talk to and took a genuine interest helping us craft a plan that made it as easy as possible for our children to transition. As a further testament to the quality of work she did, the Washington State lawyer that reviewed our documents for completeness an hour before our final hearing with the judge was very complementary of the package put together and wanted to know who we had worked with. My only constructive feedback is that we got confused with the signing of the forms at the end. I think this was as much our issue for not being more organized but maybe Darcia could have helped us get organized a little more with all the documents. It can get very confusing."
  • Ann Lokey
    "Darcia Tudor’s skills at mediation and arbitration are keen. She is one of the smartest people I know. She has great insight and she has productive ideas to bring conflicts to a resolution. I would recommend Her without exception."
  • Kim Muromoto
    "Darcia helped my father tremendously recently with an insurance claim for extended care payments. Her compassion and patience with my father during this time with hardship with my mother’s condition was amazing. Her explanation of her actions to my dad were very clear and her handling of issues with insurance company were always timely and effective."
  • Christine Satterlee
    "It’s been great to not worry about the little details. Darcia gives us the peace of mind she has all avenues covered. It’s wonderful not to worry in the craziness of the stress we are going through."