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When a loved one passes, deciding inheritance issues in probate court can be a long and expensive process. Mediation is a swift, cost-effective alternative that lets families settle probate matters in a collaborative setting where personal issues as well as legal issues can be dealt with. I am Darcia Tudor and at Eastside Mediation and Arbitration in Kirkland, Washington, I have over 30 years of experience helping families work through their legal issues productively while preserving their relationships.



Mediation is a process whereby a neutral third party sits down with parties in conflict and helps them identify issues and explore solutions. It works particularly well in probate situations, where the disputes may be just as personal as they are legal in nature. Among the benefits of mediation are:

  • Avoiding court and legal fees — Mediation is especially beneficial in cases where the value of the estate is relatively small in comparison to the potential expenses of a court proceeding. It allows parties to participate without having to pay legal fees and additional costs.
  • Deciding issues not suitable for judges — While courts are good at deciding legal issues like the validity of a will, they are ill-suited to solve disagreements over such things as the perceived abilities of a chosen guardian. Mediation promotes a more informed resolution.
  • Comfortable atmosphere for dispute resolution — Mediation takes place not in a courtroom but in more relaxed settings, like conference rooms, where parties can speak their minds in serene surroundings without pressure from judges or court schedules.
  • Facilitating communication — Often the most effective service a mediator provides is getting a candid and complete look at the needs, desires and priorities of every family member and helping come up with solutions that provide real closure, avoiding legal challenges later.
  • Using probate alternatives — By engaging in mediation prior to a loved one’s passing, a family can arrange for property to be distributed in other ways, such as by establishment of a trust or living trust, to better preserve the estate and make inheritance more efficient.
  • Preserving and repairing family relationships — A court battle over a decedent’s assets can forever ruin relationships among siblings and other family members. Mediation not only avoids that scenario but also offers a forum in which future conflicts may be resolved.


When there’s a dispute in the family over issues of inheritance, courts prioritize clear legal resolutions over the personal issues between the parties. An experienced mediator can keep open the lines of communication necessary to come to thoughtful and beneficial resolutions of probate issues.


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