3 Ways to Get Your Court Records From County Superior Courts

1. If you want to order your records ONLINE, go to the County Department of Administration, https://dja-eweb.kingcounty.gov/records/. Select the online request option and input your personal information, including your case number and the document name. There will be a fee of $2.49 for credit/debit cards and $1.49 for checks.

2. To obtain record IN PERSON, each county offers customers the option to view court documents and listen to recorded hearings for free, during business hours. Copies of the documents you are looking for may be made in the copy center where you can pay a fee of $25.00 to make your own copies.

3. On the records administration site you can obtain a form to request records by MAIL. Your request must specify the documents you want to purchase, include a daytime phone number, and a self-addressed stamped envelope sufficient to cover return postage of the requested documents. If you wish to have your documents returned electronically, please include your email address and note a request for electronic delivery.
Your request must also include a $10.00 deposit to apply towards the copying fees. If your deposit cannot cover your copy costs an invoice will be sent for the balance. Your documents will be delivered once payment has been received in full.
Mail your request to the clerk’s office, attention correspondence desk, to the address of the Court you are requesting documents from.

*For additional information about accessing King County Court Records see: “How to Access Court Records.” How to Access Court Records – King County, www.kingcounty.gov/courts/clerk/access-records/records.aspx?*

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