The Collaborative Divorce

The Collaborative Divorce is premised upon the belief that a divorcing couple can collaborate and determine what is fair with the help of a professional team. The focus of the team i

s minimizing conflict to facilitate compassionate discussions that lead to responsible financial and parenting decisions, and,minimize the effects of divorce on children.

So, what is a collaborative divorce?

A collaborative divorce removes disputes from the courtroom in order to troubleshoot and problem solve. This changes the focus from revenge to negotiations based upon individual and common interests.

What are the benefits of using a collaborative divorce?

Some benefits of using a collaborative divorce model are:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Informal Setting
  • Informal exchange of all information
  • Neutral Experts to assess values of property and develop financial plans, assist with parenting plans and provide emotional support when needed

What are the protocols of collaborative law divorce?

  • Each spouse hires their own trained collaborative attorney
  • Is supportive of mediated compromises and understands the dynamics of the negotiation process.
  • Each spouse meets with their attorney privately (without your spouse and spouse’s attorney) to assess their priorities and interests
  • Spouses and their attorneys meet together to discuss the issues and negotiate. This “four-way” meeting will occur regularly until final agreements are reached.

*Neutral professionals may assist the parties during the process, like Certified Divorce Financial Planners, Accountants, Child Specialists, and Divorce Coaches.

Both parties and their attorneys sign a “no court” agreement that directs both of the attorneys to withdraw from the case if the case continues to litigation in court.

Collaborative divorce saves time, money, and reduces the stress of litigation by allowing the parties to work with their legal counsel to create the best solution for all involved.

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