Can we mediate our divorce online? Short answer, Yes!

Can we mediate our divorce online

Because we need to help our communities stay healthy, we find ourselves limited to essential travel. Since COVID-19 shelter in place went into effect, I am working with my clients finishing their mediations using Zoom. I have successfully conducted online negotiations for clients living in different states and countries, using video conferencing cost-effectively and efficiently. Although in-person intervention is more common, I can assure you, video mediation works!

Top 5 Benefits of Online Mediation:              

  1. CONVENIENCE: No need to pack up the car or put on shoes, your mediation will be wherever you’re currently at!
  2. SAVES TIME: Traffic can be messy and unpredictable, possibly wasting hours of your time! No need to worry about that when there’s nowhere to travel to!
  3. IMPROVES ATTENDANCE: Video conferencing assures that anyone involved can make it because they can attend anywhere by cell phone, iPad, or computer.
  4. EFFICIENCY: You can’t forget your records or documents. They are in your home and easily accessible.
  5. COMFORT: Mediations can be emotionally and physically draining; it helps when you’re in a comfortable environment.

Stay strong, and stay safe, friends!

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