Soothing Children’s Fears about COVID- 19

Soothing Children’s Fears about COVID- 19

For children who worry about the level of uncertainty caused by COVID-19, I’ve found these tips useful for parents trying to soothe their children’s anxiety.

  • Having them talk to someone special. The old-fashioned telephone conversation is making a comeback.  It won’t increase screen time and allows them to connect to friends and family they miss.
  • Wearing something that makes them feel empowered. A child wearing her favorite superhero cape can serve as an encouragement to all the things that make them  feel strong.
  • Reminding them that their worries will come and go, like the bubbles in soda pop.  Pour a glass of pop and watch the bubbles rise to the top then disappear.  If a child knows that their feelings will pass, it can be easier for them not to become overwhelmed.
  • Last, but not least, I encourage parents to use your local libraries to find age appropriate books that help them understand their feelings  and teach them skills to manage their worry.

In my next blog, I will provide a list of books I’ve found useful for children during COVID-19.

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