Collaborative Law Mediation

Collaborative Law Mediation: An Alternative To Traditional Divorce Litigation

I am Washington-based attorney Darcia C. Tudor, founder of Eastside Mediation & Arbitration in Kirkland. I started my practice to give individuals and families an alternative to traditional family law litigation, including helping couples resolve their issues through the collaborative divorce process.



Collaborative divorce is a relatively new alternative dispute resolution process. It began in the 1990’s, and was recognized by the Washington State Legislature in 2014.

The collaborative divorce process assumes that a divorcing couple has the ability to work together to determine what is fair with the help of a professional team. The team consists of attorneys for each spouse, and, when appropriate, a financial planner, child specialist and/or therapeutic coaches. The team’s focus is minimizing conflict in order to facilitate constructive discussions that lead to responsible financial and parenting decisions.



This process in my opinion works best for couples who trust one another, but want active legal representation through out the negotiation process. The lawyers are retained solely for settlement negotiations, and cannot represent the parties in court, if they cannot agree.

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