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Elder Law Mediation

Washington State Mediator Helps Resolve Difficult Elder Law Disputes

Experienced Kirkland lawyer provides forum for elder law conflict resolution

I am Darcia Tudor and at Eastside Mediation & Arbitration in Kirkland, Washington, I help clients resolve problems pertaining to the care of aging parents and settle estate differences in a manner that promotes understanding and cooperation. This can involve everything from shared caretaking and parental relocation to guardianships. Mediation helps reduce conflict between parents and siblings while preserving the elderly family member’s dignity.

Skilled Bellevue/Kirkland area lawyer helps with guardianship arrangements

When an elderly person (usually a parent) loses the capacity to live independently or to make sound decisions, it may be time to consider a guardianship to arrange for current and future care. I can guide you through the process of petitioning to have yourself or another qualified loved one appointed as guardian for a disabled adult.

In Washington State, courts can appoint a guardian of a person, who decides on medical treatment, living situations and other personal concerns, or a guardian of property, who manages assets, income and other financial issues. A guardian can also be appointed in both roles.

As a family member ages, it’s best to have a plan in place should the need for a guardian arise. One way to do this is through execution of a power of attorney, but disputes may still arise. I help clients avoid court conflicts that can be destructive to family cohesion.

Attorney and licensed counselor finds solutions to sibling disputes over elder care

Some of the most common disputes requiring the services of a mediator involve siblings. With decades of family history, brothers and sisters can often have contentious, emotional disagreements over how to best balance a parent’s changing physical and mental capacity with that parent’s desire for independence and dignity. I have extensive experience helping siblings come to compromises that respect their most heartfelt concerns. The mediation process can prevent a dispute over parental care having a detrimental impact on longstanding relationships.

Contact a seasoned Washington State elder law mediator for a free initial consultation

With my services as a mediator, you can reach a constructive settlement of a dispute pertaining to care arrangements for an elderly parent or loved one. Please call Eastside Mediation & Litigation at 206-547-3166 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my Kirkland office.

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